Tips for Styling a Button Up Shirt Dress for the Fall

Button Up Shirt Dress For The Fall

Fall fashion is one of my favorite seasons to style. I love the variety of pieces that you have the opportunity to play with, and the way that the in-between weather of fall lets you experiment with seasonal staples. One of my favorite fall pieces is the button up shirt dress. With just enough weight to keep you warm in the brisk autumn air without fully transitioning to winter styles, it’s the perfect item to add to your wardrobe.

I love that button up shirtdresses can be worn all season long, as they can be styled both for fancier and more casual events. There are so many ways that you can adapt a button up shirt dress to fit the look that you’re going for, and I plan to wear them all season long – from dinners to errands to trips to the apple orchard. If you’re on the fence because you don’t know how to style your shirt dress, keep reading – I have all the tips and tricks for you.

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It can be tricky to know what to wear in the fall. The weather is constantly fluctuating, and you don’t want to be too hot or too cold – either of which is possible on any given day. I love button up shirt dresses because they’re a great happy medium. You can easily wear them without tights on the warmer days, but they still have a sleeve if the weather is feeling chilly. They’re the perfect fall dress, and I’m super excited to share all of my best styling tips with you today.

Shirt dresses are a classic – a women’s fashion staple that everyone needs in their closet. If you think that shirt dresses aren’t for you, trust me – you just haven’t learned how to wear one! Keep reading to learn how to style your shirt dresses – once you do, you’ll never go back.

Button Up Shirt Dress
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HOW TO STYLE A Shirt Dress


The perfect pair of shoes makes an outfit, and with shirt dresses, the shoes that you wear are key to establishing the look you want. In the autumn months, I love to pair my shirt dress with a fabulous pair of boots. The style of boot I wear depends entirely on the hemline of the shirt dress – what will be most flattering? Do I want to wear a cute pair of ankle boots, or my favorite knee-highs?

Either way, a shirt dress and boots is one of my favorite outfits for the fall. That being said, if I’m planning for a more casual day, I love that I can wear a stylish pair of sneakers with one of my casual shirt dresses and have the perfect look for a relaxed weekend coffee date or mid-week errand run. If I want a more elegant or office-style look, I also will sometimes pair a shirt dress with a classic pair of flats. It’s perfectly refined, and I love the daintier touch that flats give.


Adding a belt is one of the easiest ways to add a unique touch to a shirt dress. I also love that belts give shirt dresses some extra definition, and make their oversized look super flattering for any body type. Everyone knows that shirt dresses look great cinched at the waist, which is why many of them come with a belt to begin with! For the fall, I like to stick to leather or suede belts to go with the season unless I’m wearing a belt that specifically came with the dress.


As shirt dresses can be so versatile, when you want to style one specifically for a given season, accessories are the best way that you can really achieve the look you want. For fall, accessorizing a shirt dress is super easy as layers are the name of the game! I love pairing a cute scarf with my long sleeve button up dress to give that cozy fall look that everyone loves. My favorite size scarf? As big as possible! Not only do big scarves look super cute, but they’re also so warm and comfy. I can’t get enough!

Seasonal jewelry is a great way to style your shirt dress, and also dress it up for a more elevated event. As the weather gets cooler, you can pair your shirt dress with tights and heels to further elevate the look. And of course, you can always layer big shirts, jackets or sweaters overtop your shirt dress for extra warmth and dimension to your look!


Button Up Shirt Dress For The Fall
Button Up Shirt Dress Fall
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