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Can you believe that I didn’t get my first jean jacket until this past summer? I’ve styled a couple of them for people and when needed, I’ve worn some of my friend’s for outfits, but I’ve never actually worn my own. And since I have bought one for myself, I have realized that I was only holding myself back when it came to making the most of my closet.

If you’re like me and you have dresses in your closet that are a part of the ‘all year-round’ color palette, you may have experienced that frustration when you want to wear the dress in the middle of the fall but you can’t because the dress is short-sleeved (or less) and it’s way too cold outside to wear it. Or maybe, you want to wear something over your favorite top, but it is a little too warm outside to wear a cardigan, but too cold to just wear the top by itself.

This struggle is one that I’ve heard from many people and I was also experiencing it for myself, but my denim jacket has solved that struggle and more.

A denim jacket is a must-have item in your closet. It is a base piece that everyone must have. There are so many benefits to having one, but the main ones should convince you enough to head to your favorite store and find one that is just for you

  1. IT EXPANDS YOUR CLOSET — I’ve tried to cut back on the excessive amount of shopping that I do because my husband and I have been making more purchases for our home. So with that cut back on shopping, I needed to figure out how to not have two complete separate closets for each season. The denim jacket allows you to take those spring/summer pieces and transition them into the fall. I’ve been able to delay the seasonal switch-out of my closet since I’ve been able to wear many of my summer tops and dresses as the weather has gotten colder.  But not only does the denim jacket keep your closet one that can be used transitionally through each season, but it also allows for you to make one look seem entirely different. My denim jacket has allowed me to create multiple different looks by just wearing my denim jacket with a different top or dress and switching up the shoes and accessories.
  2. HELPS FOR THE IN-BETWEEN WEATHER — I don’t know about you, but I struggle with the weather at the start of the fall. The temperature fluctuates between the mid-70s to the high-60s and for some reason, it is not extremely cold and it’s not really that warm. So I can’t wear a thick cardigan because I’ll be sweating all day at work, and I can’t wear anything because I’ll freeze in the morning on my way to work and at work with the air conditioning that is stilled turned on because it’s too warm in the school to completely turn it off. So there’s that weird in-between. But with the right denim jacket, that in-between weather doesn’t have to make you uncomfortable. The jacket is light enough to not overheat you but has a slight thickness to it to keep you warm.
  3. SUPER COMFY AND STYLISH — Most denim jackets, if not all, look super stylish. But I’ve heard some people say they don’t want one because they feel that it would be just as restrictive as some jeans are. I’m here to tell you that it is not true. Denim jackets are flexible and have a soft interior that makes it feel as if you’ve simply put an overshirt or light jacket on. It doesn’t feel like someone took those super skinny jeans that you have to jump and wiggle into and made it into a jacket. It feels like someone took those jeggings that you love so much and made them even softer and more flexible.

The one thing I always recommend when it comes to getting a denim jacket is that you find one that fits your personal style. I tried on about 5-6 before I found the right one for me. Some were too short on my body and some were too long. There’s a variety in pocket sizes, stitching, and arm length. Some allow for the sleeves to roll up but some don’t. So it is all about what you are looking for.



Denim Jacket – H&M | Dress – Nordstrom | Shoes – Kohls

{{Photos by Stephanie Vasilidias}}

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