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When giving a gift, I always try to think of something that has meaning. I don’t typically like giving a loved one a gift that will be soon forgotten and has no real representation of our relationship. Now, don’t get me wrong, if my sister asks for a gift card to make purchases for her home, I’m not going to say no. But I’m a sucker for gifts that come from the heart and last, and I’ve been on the hunt for a gift that I can give, or even receive, that can last a lifetime and represent a bond.

Everyday I am discovering new places that have amazing things that are worth the buy, and my recent discovery is KEEP Collective.

There are quite a few instances when my husband comes to me and asks me what I want for Christmas, my birthday, Valentines’ Day, as well as any other day he feels like making it an extra special day, and my response most of the time is “Not really anything”. I don’t have much that I want or need anymore. But he gets frustrated as he always wants to get me something. There have been a few instances when he has suggested a charm bracelet, but I had one of those years ago and stopped wearing it because I didn’t like the charms hitting against my wrist or hitting anything else while I’m actively talking with my hands while teaching at work.

KEEP Collective provides the sentimentality of a charm bracelet with the charms laying flat against the band. You can find a charm that represents you – your interests, your milestones, and your background. And recently, they released a new line of charms that makes my inner child squeal with excitement. They have released a line of Disney charms.

The Disney charms have silhouettes of Mickey, figures of the characters, and every aspect of magic that you would want on your charm bracelet.

A Perfect Gift For Every Year Charm Bracelet Keep Collective Holiday Gift

On my bracelet, I have included the Disney charms because Disney is in my blood. To this day, every time Disney comes out with a movie, I’m in the theaters (the live-action versions they have been making have really been a thing of my dreams). When I was in fourth grade, my parents took me and my siblings to Disney. I had so much fun meeting all of my favorite characters and going on all the rides, but my favorite Disney moment actually involved my sister.

My sister is the oldest and at the time, I was in fourth grade, my brother was still in kindergarten (I think), and my sister was in high school. During the Disney World vacation, my sister lost interest for a little because a lot of the activities were focused on my brother and I. When we met characters, it was typically me and my brother running up to get autographs and take pictures while my sister hung around in the background.

Keep Collective Disney

But when we were leaving Animal Kingdom, I remember seeing my sister immediately light up from her teenage stupor and point in the direction of her favorite character. I didn’t know who it was at first because I was farther away, but soon she screamed…”Look over there! It’s Rafiki! Follow Rafiki, he knows the way!” And off she went. It was such a fun, memorable moment and it was important to me that my sister also enjoyed herself on this family trip.

My bracelet also included charms that have represented my interests and milestones – such as the “Mrs.” charm for getting married and the “Blessed” phrase because I truly believe I am living a blessed life.

Keep Collective Charm Bracelet

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