Tips on Heading Back to Work After Coronavirus

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As many places are opening back up, work is being moved back from remote to in-office. In my case, the change for me is that my husband and live-in brother will be going back to their offices while my office still remains at home. My husband and I have had quite a few discussions about what it will look like for him as he is heading back to work and what we will do to make sure that our house remains virus-free and a safe area for our son. It’s been an on-going discussion and it’s been taking a lot of steps, but there are a few main things to consider if you’re preparing to head back into work and start a new normal.



There are many aspects to consider as you begin thinking about heading into work. Hopefully, your job is taking the right precautions and giving you information about what changes they are making within the office to keep you all safe. As you are making your preparations, here are some major things to do to help make the transition super easy.

  • Gather the information from the CDC about the requirements for workplaces; even more – look at your state’s mandates and see what the state is establishing. For example, here in Pennsylvania, we are opening up the state in phases, and in our county, we are quite in the position where certain businesses can open back up and those that are open have to follow very strict guidelines.
  • Keep the cleanliness going because viruses or not, keeping your hands, desk, and area clean are just the way to go to prevent any type of sickness and passing of germs.
  • Try not to overdo it. When we all started working remotely, it was an awkward transition and we all had to adjust. It is going to be the same going back. The normal that you once knew probably doesn’t exist any longer. Instead, there’s going to be a new normal that you’ll have to adjust to but as long as you’re reading all company communications, you should be fine.
  • Talk to your superiors about your comfort level. I know that I have talked to a few people who have been back to work or have a date where they have to start coming back to the office. They aren’t fully comfortable and opened up that dialogue with the company. Now, they are being offered the ability to work from home a few days a week to make the adjustment a little better.

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