How to Get Motivated for the Holidays

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The holidays are such a busy time. Between having to shop for everyone on your list to going to all of the gatherings, you may start to feel as if this time of of year is just so overwhelming. I occasionally feel that way, especially when trying to pick out gifts for all the kids in the family and when trying to plan out my shopping strategy for Black Friday. Around this time, we often find it tremendously hard to get motivated to get the things done that we need to get done. We tend to create more work for ourselves and end up on the couch exhausted and not even wanting to actually head out to enjoy the White Elephant party that we spent an hour finding a gift for. But it doesn’t have to be that way, you can enjoy your time and still stay motivated, and here are some tips to keep motivated during the holidays.



1. Create a Priority To-Do List

When trying to navigate your way through the holidays, lists will keep you motivated and moving forward. I always found that when I have a lists and plan things out ahead of time, I get things done faster and with a better will than if I don’t have a list. Your list gives you a finish line that you can visually see. And when you check off those to-dos, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment which will motivate you to move towards finishing the next thing on your to-do list.

2. Have Great Nights & Mornings

I found out that when I have a great night sleep and a strong start to my day, I get more done and I feel more motivated to move through the day accomplishing whatever tasks that I need to accomplish. If you have a set of things you want to do, the night before, go to sleep a little earlier and disconnect from your phone. Give yourself the time you need to relax and destress and get a good night sleep. The next morning wake up and have a breakfast with some protein and grains, then head off for the day with enough energy to accomplish what needs to get done.

3. Remember to Enjoy the Holidays

And overall, don’t forget to enjoy. The one thing that we forgot when it comes to the holidays is that this is a time to enjoy those gatherings and time with our family and friends.

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Don’t get so hung up on getting the perfect holiday decor or finding the absolute perfect gift for every member of your family. Make sure to take in the warmth, the laughter, the great conversation, and the love that this time of year brings.

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