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Baby Gifts For Holiday Scaled

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Baby Gifts For Holiday

As a new mom, I have been so excited and overwhelmed by the amount of toys that I can get my baby boy for Christmas. By Christmas time, he’ll be at that sweet spot where he’s getting out of the infant stage but not quite into the toddler stage. For us, that means that we can get him both infant gifts that he can play with now and toddler gifts that he can play with in the following months. This will be his first Christmas and we want to make sure that it is super special, which is why we have been shopping for his gifts are are favorite place to shop everything baby – buybuy BABY – the perfect place to get gifts for infants and toddlers

You all know that since we started getting ready for Carter’s arrival, we have spent so much time at buybuy BABY. We literally found everything that we need there to keep him safe and comfortable – from our travel system to picking out our travel system that we use literally every day. So it was a no brainer to shop for his gifts there when we began planning out what we are going to get him for his first Christmas.

I’ve rounded up some great gift guides for infants and toddlers, but before you scroll down and shop directly from those picks, I want to share with you a few tips for shopping for gifts for any infant and toddler in your life.

  1. Bright and Loud is BestBabies love bright colors and different noises. That’s why you may occasionally catch your baby staring at the TV screen or your phone screen if you put it in front of them. Music is also helpful developmentally and can be soothing so baby can stay calm and entertained for long periods of time or when contained – such as when in car.
  2. Keep It Interactive and Educational
    Focus on getting the developmental toys that help to educate baby. By getting a toy that sings the ABCs is a great interactive toy. Baby will then keep connected with the song and even though baby can’t sing out loud, he/she is still listening intently to the song and will recognize it whenever it is played.
  3. Spread the Wealth & Communicate
    Let those who are also getting baby gifts what you are getting. You don’t want to have baby open gifts Christmas morning and then head over to Grandma’s house and open the same gift. Send over baby’s Christmas list (yes, the one that YOU created) and make sure to let the ones that you are sending it to know to let you know what they don’t get in the case you want to get it yourself. Or just send one person different gifts based not their budget.
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Holiday Gifting For Baby

Shopping for an infant is actually pretty fun. Going through all of the infant and toddler gifts from buybuy BABY actually had me singing some of my favorite nursery rhymes and reading some of the classic baby books that I loved when I was little (Rainbow Fish was my reading addiction). It is amazing what each toy can do and how it helps baby to reach different milestones.

Going through the play gyms was one of my favorite things to do. Though we already have one at the house that Carter plays on, my mother, Carter’s GiGi, wants one at her house so that he can also be entertained there when he comes to visit. Now knowing what Carter is attracted to and what he enjoys, we were able to go through the variety of play gyms at buybuy BABY to pick out the exact gym that Carter would enjoy playing on.

We are also picking out jumpers for when he gets big enough to sit up and support himself. Jumpers help with developmental milestones that will help baby to start walking.



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During our shopping, we also started picking out some toddler gifts that we can use as he grows. I loved going through all the play kitchens and workshops that had different parts so that our little Carter can use his imagination while he cooks mommy and daddy some toast or as he hammers on the singing nail that is making him feel like he’s building his own bird house.

There were also some more gyms that included ball pits and things that will add more activity to exercise baby and tucker him out so that you can get him/her to go down for nap time.

And of course, there were great educational toys to get for a toddler that keeps him/her stimulated and teaches things like body parts, colors, foods, etc.



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As we shopped for infant and toddler gifts , I also began thinking about what big thing I wanted to get for Carter that would last through the years to come. And then I remembered that the one thing that I had always wanted to get Carter since we found out that he was coming was a teepee for his room so that he could have a space where he could go when he wanted some “him time”. When shopping at buybuy BABY there were so many options in different colors that made it so easy to find a teepee that matched his decor.

We were even able to find some other great additives to his teepee “baby cave” to match his nursery decor such as a lion mat and the play mat with paw prints. And even more, the pillow that we were able to get made the space customized to him. We are going to let him decide what toys, woobies, and blankets he’ll keep in his teepee when he gets more aware of the space, but for now, he is enjoying just laying in there with mommy or daddy just singing away.


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