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I’m a talkative person. Everyone around me knows that. I have never been an introverted person, and I am most comfortable and at ease when I am around other people connecting. But there are some days when my anxiety gets the most of me. It causes me to shut down and not want to be involved in much conversation, but in my mind, I also don’t want to be disconnected from what is going on whether it be an event or a gathering.



That’s where fashion comes in. In high school, people would have not pointed at me and said: “That girl is fashionable”. My day-to-day look was sweatpants and t-shirts. I wanted to be comfortable during the day, and I didn’t feel like going into gym class and afterwards having to get all done up again.

In college, I began to find my personal style, and one of my favorite things to buy and wear were graphic tees. Graphic tees have always been and will always be conversation starters. And with me being an English major, words and unique phrases where always something that I was drawn towards.

Nowadays, graphic tees help to bail me out of those anxious moments. They speak to my personality and start conversations in those moments that I can’t do it myself.

With this graphic tee from NA-KD, I’m able to share my Southern background. My family is from South Carolina and the stories that they share and the sense of being at home when we go to visit has always been something that is truly  special to me. So this shirt was one that I couldn’t turn away from.

Graphic tees are a way to show off your personal style and start conversations with others that could lead to bigger connections that you may have not expected.

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