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It seems pretty obvious for those of us living in the north that this winter has no intentions of leaving. We are about two weeks into Spring and the weather reports are still talking about possible snow. I mean, let’s get real Mother Nature, we are all over this harsh, bitter winter. Lately, I have been attempting to switch out  my closet from the winter outfits to the spring outfits, but I’ve only gotten half way through because we still need those warm weather clothes to keep us comfortable until the temperature rises.

And with being a teacher, the most annoying thing about the fact that this winter won’t leave is that we are still getting snow days! The end of the school year has been pushed back a few days, which is depressing within itself, but the most difficult thing about snow days is getting my students back on track and re-configuring the classroom calendar as due dates are adjusted.

It’s been quite a task to re-do the calendar again and again. And it’s also been a task to have my closet all in disarray. But there’s always a strategy.

That strategy – a skill that all teachers must have – is patience even when it comes to your own teacher fashion.

I know, too simple, right?

With the snow days and the extended winter, I found out that patience is something that I still need more of. We need patience to realize that the weather is going to be unpredictable and I just need to roll with it. We need the patience to sit and consider what we are doing in our own work plans and just adjust as much as we can from there. Let’s be honest here, we can’t go outside and have a serious conversation with Mother Nature and negotiate a deadline of when this winter needs to be over. We just have to make do and update our plans as needed.

My students haven’t really noticed when a snow day affects me. I try my hardest to not let them see it. I take the time to pick up where we left off and make adjustments to the calendar later in the month, so that it doesn’t affect us in that very moment and so that I am still able to equip them with the skills they need to move on whether it be moving to the next level of their high school career or graduating and moving on completely.

So, with that, class is dismissed. The #TeachStyle lesson for today – Patience is a virtue.


{{Photos by Stephanie Vasilidias}}

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