Teacher Style: Working at Chic with eShakti

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In my opinion, you career dictates your work wear style. There is a certain type of outfit that you were if you are a corporate worker and then there is a style that you maintain if you are a teacher. You style comes roots in your personality. And typically, when a person chooses a career, they choose it base on where he or she fits – again, based on personality. That’s the theory.

I chose teaching as my career, but I also enjoy the corporate atmosphere. When I was in college, I worked at a big corporation and had a desk job. It was comfortable and I enjoyed what I did. At that time, I was studying to gain my degree in education, but during that brief time, I did question where I wanted to go with my life. But that’s not what we are here to focus on.



When I worked in the office, I was able to have more of a casual corporate look. But now, as a teacher, my style is slightly different. I can’t wear anything that is even slightly revealing – even if it is not revealing at all. We can’t show much leg, or neck, or toes (that one always gets me). There are restrictions working as a teacher that I didn’t have working the corporate world.

Recently, I discovered eShakti – a online boutique that allows you to customize a dress based on your personal style and your size. It comes ready for you. They give you the basic structure and you make it what you want.

When I looked at the one dress that I could customize, I could have went the more “teacher” style, but I wanted to break the rules and make it something in between my corporate comfort ability and my style as a teacher. My dress is a simplistic minimalist dress. It has a wide skirt with long bell sleeves that cover my hands entirely. There are also pockets in the dress because often I don’t like to carry bags, and as a teacher, I need to carry pens, my badge and little things with me to help my students.

This eShakti dress looks corporate but has the necessities that I need as a teacher. I can pair this dress with heels for a more corporate look, or pair it with some black flats for style and comfort and wear it to school – as long as I’m not planning on writing on the chalkboard that day.

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Thank you to eShakti for partnering with me on this post. Thoughts, ideas, and style are 100% my own.

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