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livinglesh chic in sherpa

Can we all just pause and admit how much we love sherpa? I mean, sherpa clothes, sherpa rugs, sherpa blanks…I even like sherpa in my shoes. And what’s amazing about the material is that it not only keeps you warm, it also looks fabulous to wear. When you’re dressing for the cold-weather season, you’re usually looking to wear something that will keep you snuggled. Sherpa has always been a material that people have had around one way or another. Typically, you would see it in someone’s home in the form of a warm blanket. But in recent years, it’s become something that people have worn and there are so many fabulous pieces that keep you looking chic.


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Overall, wearing sherpa is primarily about being warm and comfortable. I mean, let’s face it, when you’re heading outside during the Wintertime, the one thing that you want to be is warm and comfortable. I’ve been to a number of Winter weddings, and let’s say that I learned a lot from my first attendance where I wore a black, form-fitting, lacey dress.

There are a variety of styles in this material with many of them being in the form of either jackets or coats or boots. There are a variety of styles of coats that you usually need for the Winter – in the past year I’ve narrowed it down to three types of coats you need in the winter – but having this fabric in your coat is definitely something that I advise also investing in.

I’ve been super preferential on wearing the booties and booties that come lined in the material solely because I like a shoe that hugs my foot and gives me an extra layer of warmth.

In the outfit featured in this post, I have paired a sherpa cardigan with a white short-sleeved bodysuit and light washed jeans and then added another flare by wearing sherpa lined booties.

What Winter trends are you loving right now?


livinglesh abercrombie sherpa jacket
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