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Backyard Picnic

Picnic In The Backyard

With all of us being at home, many of us have been struggling with having date nights, or at least getting creative with them. For us, like many times, date nights have been limited because we aren’t able to get a babysitter like we were able to before. Instead, we are at home trying to entertain and educate our children and/or trying to find some luxurious self-care moments that are much needed during this very stressful time. No matter your situation, do know that there are ways to have a special date night or date day when at home and make it super special, and one of those ways is with an at-home backyard picnic.



The key thing about having a date night at home is to make sure that you are actually spending that quality time with your significant other. When you’re putting together your at-home date night picnic, here are a few things to consider to make it super special.


A great thing to do for a backyard picnic is to make sure to pack something in your picnic basket that is new for the both of you. It could a new wine brand or flavor that you both haven’t tried yet. It can be a new food that you have been thinking about trying but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. Or it can even be a new game that you’ll play together while enjoying the food and drinks in your picnic basket.


If you are both already working from home, you’ve probably been in the house talking about work, parenting, and random things that need to be done around the house all day. So during your at-home date night, make sure to talk about other topics. Maybe about restaurants that you may want to visit when things open up. Or maybe you talk about future travel plans that you want to make next year.


This may be the time to get dressed up, but still, make sure your comfortable. It’s an informal date night that you’re having at home. And the biggest perk about being at home is that you can be as comfortable as you want. For me, it’s a no shoes, no problem. And that’s definitely a perk you won’t find at a restaurant or movie theatre.

At Home Date Night Picnic


Things aren’t going to be perfect, and if you have children, you may not get the full time for yourself. If you have your picnic during a daytime nap, it will eventually come to a stop. And if it’s a night, you may get interrupted or someone might need another bedtime story. But either way, don’t fret the small stuff.

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Tips For An At Home Date Night Picnic

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