Primark Clothing Spring Haul

Primark Spring

Primark Spring

I don’t know if you know this, but my first go-to store was Primark before it even came to the US. When I first visiting London, I was introduced to the store and fell in love and ended up with a big Primark clothing haul that I had to lug back to the States. Fortunately, I made a friend there who liked to come visit the US every so often, so I would always send a shopping list and some money for her to fulfill my shopping dreams. Now that Primark is in the US, I frequently visit it. There are a variety of stores around the US but the one I go to is the one in the King of Prussia Mall.

Each season, I tend to try to refresh my wardrobe and ever since Primark opened in the United States, I’ve been heading to the store. Though sometimes it is hit or miss depending on the season, I will say that the Primark Spring collections typically are the ones that hit the most.

A few weeks ago, I went in and challenged myself to see how much I could get with $200. And I ended up getting so much without even spending the full amount. To give you a small hint, I was able to get quite a few home goods and about two and a half outfits that I have created multiple looks with.

You can check out my previous post showing off one of the Primark outfits I styled, and make sure to stay tuned for my upcoming post showing off the other outfit from my Primark Spring clothing haul.


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