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We’ve been back in school for about a week-ish since break now, and when I say week-ish, I mean that we were only in school about three days due to snow days and delays. But this week, my students are taking their midterms and preparing for our next units. I’m really excited because I’m going to be teaching Watchmen and Of Mice and Men. One, I’ve never taught before so it’s going to be an exciting journey, and the other one, the class, I’ve been a huge fan of since I first read in when I was in grade school.

But with school back in, I’m trying to pull myself together just as much as my students are. I have to admit that on certain days, I’m wishing for at least a delay so that I can catch a few hours more of sleep. My students even tell me that on days when we have delays, I’m a much more pleasant and patient teacher. My wish will most likely be granted more times than not because even though we are back from break, the weather predictions for the northeast have been saying that it’s going to be a rough, snowy winter. So, can I really say that we will be fully getting back into things? No, but we all will be doing our best.

With that in mind, today’s #TeachStyle is not just about getting back into things in the classroom, but getting back into wearing those clothes that you so desperately want to wear even though it is so cold.

I’ve already touched on getting back into the classroom, so I’m just going to say that the best way to get back into things is to start putting a lot of the responsibility on your students. It’s the second half of the year, and it’s time to start preparing your students to move up to the next level in their education, or like in the case of some of my students, the next level of their lives. For my sophomores, it’s all about picking up the pace. No more taking a whole week to finish reading a 9 page chapter or relying on the movie to be successful. And for my seniors, the senioritis is not going to work – it’s time to start getting ready for the rigor of college or the workforce. Slackers get no where. I’m planning on pushing my students this second half of the year. They may hate me by the end, but it’s for their benefit.

Now, let’s talk about getting back into it when it comes to fashion. If you haven’t noticed, a good amount of stores are actually starting to clear out their sweaters and long-sleeved pieces and replacing them with lighter pieces. That doesn’t mean that you can get into them. It’s all about layering – you can check out my tips on layering from my previous post. Just because the snow is falling, doesn’t mean that you can’t wear a dress. Slip yourself into those tights and high boots. My trick – I put socks on leg warmers on inside my boots and over my tights or leggings. Adding that extra layer keeps me looking fabulous and warm at the same time.

It’s also about getting yourself into things that keep your core warm. I layer a lot of camis shorts underneath my dresses or skirts. It helps me two ways. It keeps me warm and in the case that I have to bend down to get something or I fall trying to maneuver my way too quickly through the classroom, I won’t be flashing anyone in the school.

There are so many ways to wear what you want to wear without actually having to risk your warmth and health – that’s #TeachStyle.



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