#TeachStyle: How to Plan, Re-Plan, and Plan Again

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As a teacher, I have to always be on my toes, and I have to always be flexible, especially when you come back from breaks, sometimes event weekend, and you need to get back into the swing of things. There is so much that can change from day to day and from class to class. So I can never really be a person that follows an exact script because one class may do something well that another one won’t. But I am not saying that I don’t make plans. I mean, I am a teacher. Lesson plans are necessary for the day to day grind, but I have to allow a little wiggle room in my plan, while also keeping my students accountable.



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I’m going to make this short and sweet, because as a teacher, that is what my students prefer. Taking the text, shortening it, and making it sweet enough for them to understand it and enjoy it.

Whether you are a teacher or not, you have to be willing to plan, re-plan and even plan again. In the classroom, this comes with lesson plans and our weekly schedule. But in life, this can deal with anything that ranges from event planning to just planning an outfit for what to wear.

For #TeachStyle, I want to share with you how I have taken my skills of re-planning in the classroom to how I re-plan day to day with my looks.

You may be a person, like me, who  likes to pre-plan their outfits for certain events or outings. The night before, you may sit there and think about what you need to iron or lay out for the next day. But then you wake up and you look at the weather forcast and it is not the same as it was yesterday. Or the event was originally set to be outside and now it is inside. Or again, if you’re like me, you understood it was a barn wedding, but you were under the impression that it was a modern barn that was updated to include insulation and heating, but that was far from the truth.

Those mornings, I decide that it is time to be flexible and trush in my intution of what I should wear right in that moment. Be confident in your style and trust yourself in picking that right out right when you have to change something. In teaching, when I have to change an aspect of my plan in the day on the fly, I just trust my instincts and my ability to teach and manage my classroom, and 9/10 it goes right.

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